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Digital Garden

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For the most part I just wing it ad hoc and hope for the best. 😅

~ Joel Hooks

# Digital what?

This site is a digital garden, not a blog. I keep it mostly for myself, but I suppose the knowledge here might be helpful to you as well.

The goal of this project is to be a living reference of what I’ve learnt, what I am interested in and what skills I actually have.

The main value is not in the carefully crafted blog posts full of anectodes, graphs, opinions and else. Instead, it lies in linking my thinking. Recently I learn a lot and I want to find patterns that will help me to improve in my field of expertise.

# Non-linearity

Due to a non-linear nature of this site, I might post here ideas, snippets, resources, thoughts, bits of knowledge, projects of mine or basically anything I find interesting and relating to the rest of the content here. It’s basically my own, basic Wikipedia.

This also means not everything is going to be well-writen, perfectly organised, or even truthy. Things change, I change, JavaScript frameworks change. It’s hard to keep up sometimes and people make mistakes.

The good part is that the whole thing is open-source, so if you stumble upon something evidently wrong, you can always open a PR.

# Technicals

My digital garden is built on top of the Obsidian app and the open-source Quartz project (that itself uses Hugo behind the scenes).

I’ve modified the Quartz template a bit and I track these changes on GitHub. Probably things are going to break a lot when I decide to bump the Quartz version, but I don’t care.

For the simplicity sake, I keep the content/ in a separate repo (referenced by Quartz as a git submodule). This should ensure that whenever I decide to use a different gardening solution, the content will be safe. However, because of that, occasionally things might be broken (e.g. last-updated feat is not working as of now).