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Linux From Scratch

Linux From Scratch is an enthusiast project that provides a step-by-step guide for building our own Linux distro.

In December 2022, I’ve had a bit of spare time and decided to (at least try to) build one on my own.

My motivation behind this endeavour is to understand the advanced Linux, what lies underneath what I know about Linux operating systems and to learn how to work with its internals. Also, for me it’s a tribute to my former self - the kid who was once given a diploma for telling stories about Linux’ superiority.

I don’t intent to use the final result - I am a macOS user for around 8 years now and - unfortunately - I live in a golden garden (or cage) of Apple’s ecosystem. To leave this place, I’d need to do lots more than installing another OS.

And even if I’d want to switch to Linux full-time, I would install something battle tested instead of my lil’ Frankensteins monster.

Anyways, this folder keeps my notes about the whole process.